The very probable rejection of the motion, examined from 3:30 p.m., will be worth adoption at first reading of the entire finance bill. The Senate must seize it from Thursday, November 17.

Oppositions and the presidential camp will have returned throughout a month of debate the responsibility for the “blockage” and the absence of compromise.

This time alone to table a motion of censure, the Insoumis respond to the constitutional weapon of 49.3 unsheathed Wednesday by Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne for the fourth time in two weeks, in order to pass without a vote the budgets of the Social Security then of the State, for lack of an absolute majority in the Assembly.

The RN group, which has chosen not to file its own motion this time, has planned to bring its votes to the LFI motion.

The votes of the left allies PS, PCF and EELV, which differ on the strategy to adopt against the series of 49.3, will be scrutinized closely.

Twenty left-wing deputies had not voted for the previous LFI motion, including Communist Party boss Fabien Roussel, socialist Valérie Rabault or ecologist Delphine Batho.

– Sanction demanded –

But before these debates under high tension, the office of the National Assembly, its highest collegiate body, must decide on the possible sanction of an RN deputy after an incident of a rare scale which occurred Thursday with an elected LFI.

During a question to the government of the rebellious Carlos Martens Bilongo, black, about the “drama of illegal immigration”, the RN Grégoire de Fournas launched “that he returns to Africa” ​​- “returns to Africa” , heard some parliamentarians.

In a stormy atmosphere, the perch holder Yaël Braun-Pivet ended the session prematurely, “given the seriousness of the facts” and the “legitimate emotion” of the Assembly – such interruptions of the session are extremely rare .

Supported by his group, the RN deputy from Gironde affirms that he was talking about a “boat” of migrants mentioned in the question, and not of Mr. Martens Bilongo, a native and elected representative of Val-d’Oise.

But the indignation was general, until Emmanuel Macron, “struck by these words which in the hemicycle as outside the hemicycle are intolerable”, according to his entourage.

The president of the RN group, Marine Le Pen, denounced for her part a “gross controversy” of the “adversaries” of the RN.

According to a parliamentary source, the MP concerned is liable to “simple censure”, i.e. deprivation of half of the parliamentary allowance for one month, or “censorship with temporary exclusion”, that is to say the deprivation for two months of half of the indemnity allocated to the deputy with prohibition to take part in the work of the Assembly and to reappear at the Palais Bourbon for fifteen days.

The Macronist group Renaissance has indicated that it “will not sit” until a heavy sanction has been taken. The presidential party even demanded the resignation “without delay” of the deputy.

– “Frontal opposition” to the RN –

A rally in support of Mr. Martens Bilongo is organized by LFI near the Palais Bourbon at 1 p.m.

This is an opportunity for the Nupes to reunite. The RN vote twice already in favor of a motion of censure by Nupes and then an LFI motion had caused unease in the ranks of the left-wing coalition and strong criticism from the presidential camp as to a “collusion” with the extreme right.

The LFI group led by Mathilde Panot took care this time to specify in its motion that “our project and our vision of society place us in frontal opposition with the far right”.

“We do not feel targeted by the term extreme right”, they say within the RN group, where it is still planned to vote on the LFI motion, even after the incident on Thursday.

Censorship will be defended at the podium on Friday afternoon by the LFI deputy from La Réunion Jean-Hugues Ratenon. The Insoumis accuse the executive of “despising the ultramarines” by not taking up all the increases in appropriations voted by the deputies, often against the advice of the government.