Buffalo police officers suspended for rough-housing with a 75-year-old man (video)

In the city of Buffalo is the second largest population in the state of new York, the staff of special forces of the police face liability for causing serious injuries to the pensioner. 75-year-old man from the shock fell backwards, hitting his head, which was bleeding.

In slow motion it is seen that one of the soldiers pushed the old man’s hand and strongly pushed a stick in the chest, causing the victim lost his balance.

Police in speakerout walked through the streets, checking, as residents observe the curfew imposed after protests because of the murder in detention of African American George Floyd in another state.

the Buffalo Police began investigating the incident. The victim is in hospital in serious condition. A number of users of the American segment of the social networks called the retired professor, it may represent the University teacher or scientist.

His assailants police officers were suspended from duty.

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