The critics would be won by the spirit of Christmas? In any case, a good portion of them have enjoyed Bumblebee , the spin-off of the film series Transformers . In this feature film directed by Travis Knight, and which the action takes place in 1987, Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), a young girl devastated by the death of his father, is befriended by Bumblebee, a yellow Ladybug dented of alien origin, capable of being transformed into a robot. Both will rebuild each other, while fighting against the evil Decepticons who have sworn the loss of the lovable Autobot with big blue eyes.

Enthusiastic, Obs hails as a “prequel to the plot understandable,” which contrasts with “the harrowing saga of Transformers ” by its staging “elegant, subtle, packed full of great ideas”. Example of find the light: “The robot to which has been grafted a car stereo is expressed through the tubes of the period, including those, sublime, the Smiths”. “A surprise as good as it is unexpected,” concludes the magazine. 20 Minutes plebiscite also the soundtrack, which “gives a flavour happily nostalgic to a whole very pleasing, mixing Bon Jovi or Duran Duran”. A cocktail “so leading that we hope to see Travis Knight to continue the saga in Transformers !”, enthuses Caroline Vié.

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“A entertainment ultra-classic but pleasantly modest”


Télérama has also taken a liking to this “story of friendship, fun, and full of good feelings between a young girl in mourning, and his companion of steel”, which is a “entertainment ultra-classic but pleasantly modest.” Bumblebee managed the tour de force of seduce even those who left with significant a priori against him: “with all the honesty that we owe to its readers, it was obvious that the prospect of the indulgence, even of the fun, wasn’t on the program, on the long road leading to the hall,” admits Frédéric Mignard, site, To See to read.

After watching, the reviewer has completely changed his opinion: “ Bumblebee has established itself as the american comedy the most entertaining and the most serene of his time Christmas,” he wrote. Why such enthusiasm? Because ” Bumblebee is the genuine success that will put all the spectators agree. Paramount gives the franchise the opportunity to flirt with all kinds of surprises” of the 80’s: “adventure of the extraterrestrial in E. T., the teen movie cute, with romance nicely awkward, the odyssey home, a tribute to the most beautiful age, adolescence, the action is sturdy with the large arm benêts mountains to muscles such as the Schwarzy of Commando “…

A movie sober in special effects

“Clumsy and naive, Bumblebee makes us afraid, makes us laugh, moves us. In short, he is a real character”

Hubert Heyrendt, The Free Belgium

Even go on the side of the belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique greet “a success story”, the film coming to “make attaching” a “robot yellow”. “Clumsy and naive, Bumblebee makes us afraid, makes us laugh, moves us. In short, he is a real character,” says Hubert Heyrendt.

The press appreciates mainly that Travis Knight is a lot less focused on the special effects that Michael Bay, the director of the first five films Transformers . “The few action scenes are well paced and have a restraint that was missing clearly to the last strands of the saga – Travis Knight has not inherited the unconditional love of Michael Bay for the explosions – especially those where the robot and his attackers are the display of their talents transformistes,” reports IGN France.

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criticism welcome also, almost unanimously, the provision of the young Hailee Steinfeld, considered to be “excellent” in the role of Charlie by Cinema teaser . It has all the same noted a few notes are dissonant in this festival of praise. “If the heroine is pretty worked to reach out to the public, the secondary characters are more stereotypes: the little brother head slaps, the mother in crisis with her teen, the father-in-law exceeded or the neighbor madly in love, but awkward, are less well written than the girl, which creates a shift in tone quite clumsy”, regrets, in particular, First .

The new yorker fits in opposition with the general tone of the articles on the film with a paper particularly virulent. According to Renaud Baronian, the feature-length film, “aimed at a younger audience than usual”, in addition to his defects: “scenario of a lightness unsettling, replicas, silly, or even stupid, special effects spectacular, but more pervasive, the volume of the sound is deafening…” Except for this critical murders, almost all of them, including The World , see Bumblebee “a candidate unexpected truce, family of the year-end”.