The new swimming pool regulations, carried by the majority of the ecological mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle, were initially to come into force on June 1.

The city’s administrative court suspended the provision authorizing the wearing of the burkini, considering that it “seriously undermined the principle of neutrality of public service”.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin immediately welcomed the “excellent news”.

Eric Piolle, he announced that the city would “appeal before the Council of State”.

For Marine Le Pen (RN), the burkini is an “Islamist propaganda outfit”. “We remain vigilant and our deputies will propose a law to ban it definitively”, tweeted the presidential finalist.

“The Islamists want to conquer us and the left is an accomplice today”, also denounced on France 2 Jordan Bardella, president of the RN.

“Obviously we need a big law” and “this is one of the subjects that we will bring to the National Assembly” after the June legislative elections, he added.

For his part, the president of LR Christian Jacob estimated on RTL that “using public services like the swimming pool to assert religious concerns is the door open to everything”. “We are in the world of Islamo-leftists, of communitarians”, he continued, pleading to “regulate by law” the wearing of the burkini.

LR deputy Eric Ciotti had tabled a bill in May aimed at banning the burkini in public swimming pools in the name of secularism. Mr. Jacob “wants us to take it back”.

On the side of the majority, MP Pierre-Yves Bournazel (Horizons), close to former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, also considered on Radio J that “the burkini is not the best promotion of equality between women and men”. Public swimming pools are “a place of neutrality” and “if necessary, the law will have to decide”.