Buryat deputies accused of distributing fake

the story of the construction of the emergency forces of the Ministry of defense medical centers across the country became one of the main news of the front against the pandemic. According to “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, a lot was said about the fact that the military came to the rescue when the civil system cannot cope with the scale of the pandemic.

As explained by economist Mikhail Khazin, it is the “bed” was like gold, and isolation were introduced including so — “people were asked to be at home, since a large increase in the number of patients — they would be nowhere to put elementary. Now is where.”

Therefore, said Khazin, and quarantine measures are weakened, and due to the quickly built military medical centers.

In may in Ulan-Ude military also successfully commissioned another medical center. However, the local Communist MP Bair Tsyrenov claimed that the hospital was “completely unfinished”. In response to such statements, the press service of the Eastern military district explained that absolutely completed the hospital is expanding further at the request of the local authorities: “the leadership of Buryatia appealed further to convert 10 more of the chambers on the second floor of the hospital under intensive care. The implementation of the activities required 7 days on the transaction, the special communication for the transaction of oxygen and retrofit 10 houses. All work on the equipment of the resuscitation chambers on the second floor of the hospital will be completed before the end of the week”. However, points “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, the media picked up the theme of “unfinished”.

“I’d like to hope that journalists will show objectivity and will not further disseminate, in fact, fake information about “unfinished” in Buryatia. Or at least bring to readers the full and real picture. In General, the situation is clear — we are all used to the fakes from the liberal party against the military (remember the stuffing of introductionand Moscow troops, the order of Shoigu about the curfew and almost tanks on the ring road) that the statement of the Buryat Communist and the Deputy of the apparently credible, although it is logical to assume the political interests of one person,” says political scientist Oleg Matveychev.

A political scientist and economist Nikita Krichevsky turn down that coronavirus is the most relevant topic for a “quick political PR”.

“the Deputy of the National Hural of Buryatia Republic could offer not even the military, for which he is willing to scribble slander, and the administration of Buryatia, was there a request to retrofit a hospital intensive care unit and by what date. In addition, there is always the opportunity to find out from the builders, how long will it take for the equipment wiring system and installation of oxygen 10 wards with special equipment, — indignantly says Krichevsky. — Finally, what does the Commission meeting on ethics? What is acceptable for the opposition, is totally unacceptable to the people’s representatives. MPs for and selected to the interaction of the legislative and Executive branches has improved the quality of life in the region. Today it is primarily a resistance coronavirus infection”.

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