Butchers spoke about the serious diseases due to improper posture on the toilet

the Habit of people to choose the most comfortable position on the toilet is fraught with serious health problems. Warned about this well-known TV presenter and Moscow’s doctor Alexander Myasnikov.

According to him, the comfortable position on the toilet contributes to hemorrhoids, hernia, back pain and other diseases.

Dr. Myasnikov was in the program, “Thank you, doctor” on the YouTube channel “Soloviev LIVE” stated that people now seek to maximize comfort in the dressing rooms. However, as explained by the chief doctor of the Moscow city clinical hospital No. 71, sitting on the toilet on a chair, that is a decrease level of physical activity make a person disabled.

Specialist called sitting on the toilet as the chair in the wrong position, and correct — squat, when you start working your pelvic floor muscles and legs.

“Sit on his heels, and you will immediately feel that you are all tense, you will begin to work muscles. You try to stand without support of this position,” said Dr. butcher.

Earlier, the medic called the products that should be excluded from the diet if there are issues with high blood pressure.

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