these names were added: Inas Chanti ( On their knees, the guys ), Kenza Fortas ( Scheherazade ), Shaïn Boumedine ( Mektoub, my love: canto uno ), Anthony Bajon ( Prayer ), Souheila Yacoub ( Climax ), William Lebghil ( First year ), Grégoire Ludig ( to The Post! ) and two of the sons of Marie Trintignant, Jules Benchetrit ( At your fingertips ) and Roman Kolinka ( Maya ), which are also in the race for the nominations of hopes.

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According to tradition, each of the 34 candidates for the nominations for the César for most promising female and male will be sponsored by a actor or a director is confirmed. The votes of 4.303 professionals of the 7th art – the members of the Academy, will determine the hopes finalists in the running for the revelations 2019.

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all of the appointments (hopes, best film, best director, best actor and actress, and technical awards…) will be revealed on 23 January. The 44th annual ceremony of the César will take place on 22 February at the salle Pleyel in Paris, in direct and clear on the Canal+ . The master of ceremonies will be the actor Kad Merad.

In 2018, the Cesar for most promising female was returned to the actress and singer Camélia Jordana for her role in Brio Yvan Attal.