Calogero can sing Freedom sweetheart, as on his last album, he shows himself much less a fan of the freedom of the press. Evidenced by the controversy between the singer and The Provence. Florent Bonnefoi, a journalist with the daily, and all his writing with him, is blamed by Calogero to have recourse to practices “scabrous”. The singer would be required to validate the photos of his concert prior to the publication of a report of its performance at Aix-en-Provence at the end of last week. “Even the Rolling Stones do not allow it,” explains the journalist to laugh at a whim of the star.

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“In the journal of this day, you would have had to find a record of the concert Calogero, which was held yesterday evening at the Arena of the country of Aix, we read in the journal Provence dated Sunday. Las, to be able to exercise their profession, our photographer sent was obliged to sign a letter asking him specifically to validate the images with the production company, prior to publication. The drafting aix Provence has taken note of this injunction – and, in the process, to make it look or photograph, or article.”

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The members of the editorial lamented the “practical off-color” that have led to this decision. “After the photo, we will need an agreement with a production company to sign the criticism of the show?”, asks the regional daily newspaper.

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Liberté chérie , the last album of Calogero released in August 2017, has sold more than 200,000 copies earning double platinum certification. After a break of the end of the year, the singer will resume her tour with twenty dates throughout France, including five at The Olympia from 20 to 24 January.

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