A faithful of the parish of Saint-Géry of Cambrai was surprised, on Saturday, July 6, a woman of fifty years in the process of raiding the sacred treasures of the most ancient church of the sub-prefecture of the North. She immediately alerted the police who arrived in time to prevent this woman to continue his abuses further.

Two statues that are dear to the parishioners, those of Saint Anthony of Padua and St. Joan of Arc, have been violently projected on the ground, where they exploded. The fall of the first has severely damaged the floor of the church.

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other sacred treasures were also looted. And the veil of St. Theresa of the child Jesus has suffered damage. The statue of Saint Joseph has lost his hand. The holy-water fonts, vases, and decorations were damaged.

The author’s alleged facts would, therefore, be a woman of 57 years old, of no fixed address, followed for psychiatric disabilities according to the first investigations of the investigators as reported by our colleagues from the Voice of The North. The public prosecutor ordered a psychiatric expertise.

the wrecking of The statues of the church of Saint-Géry of Cambrai

The history of the church of Saint-Géry of Cambrai