Christophe Willem, Christiane Taubira, Anne Caillon, Elise Lucet, Julie Gayet, Laurent Ruquier, Agnès Jaoui, Muriel Robin, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Laura Smet, Camille Cottin, Alex Lutz, Philippe Besson… There are more celebrities who have participated in the song Love , an awareness campaign launched by the association Emergency Homophobia. The song, released on 18 December, aims to denounce the attacks and humiliations suffered by homosexuals.

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“Because with more than 15% of physical attack additional registered in France in 2018 compared to 2017”, explains the association in its press release. Formerly Emergency in Chechnya, it was a help to the refugees and homosexuals, that the government of the province was suspected of persecuting him. “They are still not free to love or to assume their identity, even in our country,” continues the text.

Around a chorus that urges that there is “love”, the celebrities succeed one another in a big parking lot for only decoration. “It is a song which is quite simple, which tells the story of Azamat, the first chechen refugee gay that it was hosted there a year and a half in France”, explains Patxi Garat, the writer of the song, to France Info. It had been noticed in 2003 at the Star Academy.

“I don’t understand this world, still in the same voice of the singers. Not never that, I send you love”. The team of the series Ten percent has answered the call of the association in coming to the full in the clip chorale. It was directed by Benoît Pétré, author of a feature film in 2009, Thelma, Louise and Chantal .

Some of the personalities invested in the campaign launched the hashtag #LeurHistoireNotreHistoire on Twitter, to make light of the testimonies of violence experienced by homosexuals.

The charge of the Manif for all

Women long coat, baby strollers, men in suits and silk scarf: the allusion to the protesters from the Manif for all looks like a coarse parody. The signs “1 father + 1 mother, it’s elementary” makes no doubt about the reference. And on the amalgam that does not hesitate to commit the association, equating the opposition to gay marriage to homophobia.

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The actors Françoise Fabian, Vincent Dedienne, Elisa Tovati, the singers Emmanuel Moire, Brigitte and Amanda Lear, round out this impressive distribution. The clip has already been viewed more than 100,000 times on Youtube. All proceeds from the song are donated to the activities of the association provides Emergency Homophobia. Including the president, Guillaume Melanie, was revealed to have been assaulted, posting on Twitter in October a photo of her wounded face.