“On the night of 28 November, the authority made a stop in his palace a person that surrounded the glow of a great situation and to which some archaeological work, and especially the beauty and the richness of its collections […] had given a sort of celebrity. It is of Mr. the marquis Campana, director general of the Mont-de-Piété. In Rome, this hotel is not meant only to relieve the poor by lending money ; it is also a species of bank deposits safe accredited. The reasons that led to the arrest of Mr. Campana are irregularities of more serious nature in its administrative management.”

It is through his process a secret, that have been restored many heritage buildings, roman and neapolitan, the lodges and the Vatican museum included

at the End of 1857, it is through these lines that the readers of the Journal des débats become aware of what appears quickly as an international scandal ; still today perhaps the most important that have ever affected the art market and the Vatican. The Louvre the recalls currently, an exhibition that brings together a twentieth …

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