“Candyman”, the North American box-office winner, landed the number one spot.

The Universal Pictures film starring Yahya Abul-Mateen II made more than $22.3million in a quiet weekend, despite concerns about the delta version. The R-rated horror movie, co-written by Jordan Peele and directed by Nia DaCosta, delves into an urban legend that believes if someone repeats “Candyman” five times in front of a mirror, that person would summon the hook-handed killer.

The sequel is a continuation of the 1992 original “Candyman”. The film is expected to gross $5.23million in 51 international markets.

Paul Dergarabedian (comscore senior media analyst) said, “It was quiet weekend, but it wasn’t a big deal, but it was another check in the success column of horror.”

“Candyman”, ranked No. The film was ranked No. 1 ahead of “Free Guy,” which had won first place the previous two weekends. Ryan Reynolds starred in the comedy, which was a background character for a videogame. It earned over $13.5 million.

The numbers start to drop significantly after “Free Guy”.

Dergarabedian stated that consumers are very selective about what they do outside their home, especially when it comes down to going to the theater.

He said, “When you have new movies, if the genre is something people love, like horror, or have a star like Ryan Reynolds, and a movie that’s thought to be great, people will want to see them.” The waste side will drop the films that are not streaming or getting great buzz and reviews. It’s the market.

Third place went to “PAW Patrol”, which earned $6.6 million. This is a drop of 50% from its opening weekend. Paramount’s film, which is based on the children’s TV show, has earned more than $24million.

“Jungle Cruise”, which earned $5 million, was fourth in the Disney action-adventure movie starring Dwayne John and Emily Blunt. This helped the film surpass the $100 million mark in North America within a span of five weeks.

“Don’t Breathe 2”, “Respect” starring Jennifer Hudson earned $2.2 million, and “The Suicide Squad”, just over $2,000,000

“The Protege”, starring Maggie Q and Michael Keaton, earned $1.6 million while “The Night House”, earned $1.2 million.

With $855,000., “Black Widow” was able to hold onto the 10th place. The Marvel film starring Scarlett Johansson, has amassed more than $181.5million in North America within eight weeks.

Dergarabedian thinks the box office may experience some growing pains over the next few weeks.

He said, “You’re going have a very top-heavy movie box office and especially for movies that are available on stream,” “If they aren’t really buzzworthy, people will stay home and watch them on YouTube.

Dergarabedian stated that movies at the top generate great word-of-mouth and goodwill among audiences to go to the theater.