He had not obtained prizes at Cannes since his award for best male actor, eight years ago with The Artist . Jean Dujardin will make her comeback in competition at cannes with the new film from Quentin Dupieux, entitled Fallow . The feature-length film should not woo the Palme d’or, but contributes to the 51st Directors ‘ Fortnight and will be opening on 15 may. The pitch? “George, 44, and his jacket, 100% suede, have a project.” Synopsis simple, which is not without recalling that d’ to The Post! , the camera that the director has released in the last year, led by Benoît Poelvoorde, and Gregoire Ludig.

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alongside Jean Dujardin, Adèle Haenel, recently seen in the comedy burlesque and crazy Pierre Salvadori, Freedom! , with Pio Marmaï and Audrey Tautou.

On the occasion of the Festival international du film de La Roche-sur-Yon, in October last year, director Quentin Dupieux had referred to his seventh movie he had just finished. “In my last film, Fallow , shot a few months ago with Jean Dujardin, I’ve intentionally created a situation technically challenging for me to reinvent myself”, announced the director.

After his time in the Fortnight, Fallow , by Quentin Dupieux, will be released in French cinemas on 19 June.