From 14 to 25 may, Cannes welcomes’t that great filmmakers and actors on the red carpet. Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the festival, announced the presence of the british singer Elton John, and argentine footballer Diego Maradona for two of the films in the official selection (out of competition). Next Fortnight, this is the name of the former escort girl Zahia Dehard, which has made its appearance on the guest list through to the appointment of the first film in which she plays one of the heroines. Its title? A girl easy .

Elton John, rocket man Cannes

“We’re going to put a piano hidden behind the scenes in case they want to treat us,” said Thierry Frémaux, the general delegate of the Festival during the announcement of the official selection. The interpreter of the tube Rocket man is, in effect, a pause in his farewell world tour on may 16, to attend the première of the biopic, which is devoted by Dexter Fletcher. In a promotional video for Paramount, Elton John has ensured that the film “had to be the most honest” about his past, with its high, “very high” and “low, ” very low”, problems of alcohol and drugs included. And after 400 million records sold, the pop icon 72-year-old, also executive producer of the film presented out of competition, announced in September 2018 to put a definitive end to his musical career. After a final round of singing to the four corners of the world. Played by Taron Egerton ( Kingsman ) in Rocketman, the british singer may well, in addition to her dates in Paris, Nîmes, Bordeaux and Lille, push one last time the song in France during the festival.

ROCKETMAN [VOST] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

Zahia, a new career in the movies

Zahia Dehard made his debut in the cinema in beauty. The former escort girl made weapons in A girl easy by Rebecca Zlotowski, film selected at the Directors ‘ Fortnight (15-25 may). For her first film, she plays Sofia, a young woman of 22 years old “the incredible body and life-style “dangerously seductive” (according to the press release, Wild Bunch). Model, designer lingerie, pastry ephemeral and now actress… Zahia has come a long way since the sex scandal that involved two players of the team of France, and which was made known in 2011.

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Diego Maradona: the lawn of the red carpet

by foot to the steps of Cannes, the legend Diego Maradona returns for the second time on the Croisette to present a new documentary devoted to his life. In 2006, the footballer was amused to juggle with a ball on the red carpet on the occasion of the release of’ U n golden kid directed by the French Jean-Christophe Rosé. Two other feature films, Marco Risi ( hand of God ) and Emir Kusturica ( Maradona ) and a biography series for Amazon, titled Sueño Bendito ( Dream blessed ) in progress are also to be spent. His exceptional (and controversial) has not yet not finished to fascinate filmmakers. It is now the turn of Asif Kapadiale ( Amy ) to present his film on the celebrity argentina with unpublished archives on its years of glory. If it will be present in Cannes, not known that it provides the show with a series of juggle.

Excerpt from the documentary Diego Maradona Asif Kapadia – Watch on Figaro Live