the Belarusian leader responded to the recent online rumors about his possible resignation from the post of head of the state, disease, escape and even of death.

“If someone thinks that there is power weakened, shaking that the President is not broken, not sick, not dead, as was presented here recently. Will not wait” — said Alexander Lukashenko, reports “Belarus 1”.

He advised not to rely on the weakening of the power in the Republic. According to Lukashenko, now he has “no other purpose, as to maintain an independent and stable state.”

we will Remind, the Belarus protests, which began after the presidential elections on 9 August. CEC counted Lukashenko more than 80% of the votes and his rival from the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski, only 10%. Eyewitnesses reported about the fraud, and she Tikhanovski said that scored at least 70%. Disagree with the voting results, the people take to the streets for the sixth consecutive day, protests harshly suppressed by guards. On the eve of Lukashenko stressed that “the Belarusian authorities the country will not give up”, and he was able to “keep the situation”.

According to Bloomberg, which cites its sources, surrounded by Lukashenko and the Kremlin is considering different variants of development of events in Belarus, including the suppression of protests and the overthrow of the Belarusian leader with his subsequent flight to Russia.