Car production in Britain almost ceased

car Production in the UK almost stopped last month because of restrictions imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, and yields tumbled to the lowest level since the Second world war.

According to the British society of manufacturers and sellers of automobiles (SMMT), in April the country produced only 197 vehicles against 70,97 thousand over the same period a year earlier. Including car production for the domestic market in last month fell by 99.7% to 45 cars, and cars allocated for export and also for 99.7% to 152 cars, reports PRIME.

Meanwhile, in Russia the production of passenger cars declined in January—April 2020 33.5% yoy to 353 thousand units, to the materials of the Federal service of state statistics.

in April production of passenger cars in Russia fell to 79.2% in annual terms and by 72.3% the previous month.

we also Add that the sales of new passenger and light commercial (LCV) cars in Russia has fallen in April 2020 at 72,4% yoy (after rising 4% in March and a decline of 2.2% in February) to 38,922 thousand units. For the first 4 months of current year in Russia were sold 415,102 thousand cars and LCVs (down 19.1% in annual terms) was mentioned earlier in the review of the Committee automakers Association of European businesses.

Commenting on these results, Chairman of automobile manufacturers Committee AEB Thomas Starzel noted that “after exceptionally strong sales in March 2020, in April in connection with the situation around COVID-19 dealer companies were forced to suspend or significantly restrict their activities.”

at the end of February, the international rating Agency Investors Service Moody’s did not rule out a decline in sales of cars in Russia in the current year by 4%, “amid continued slow economic growth and lack government stimulus”.

And at the end of April experts of the consulting company PwC did not rule out that the sales of new passenger cars in Russia by the end of this year may have fallen by 30% over the previous year to 1,142 million cars. In this scenario without taking into account stress factors for 2020 implies a decline of only 3.7% to 1.57 million vehicles.

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