The art market waited with baited breath to know if the alleged Caravaggio found in an attic of the city of Toulouse where he slept for over a hundred years would be put in the auction or not. It’s official. The announcement was made on Thursday morning, at 11 o’clock, at Colnaghi, shows gallery specialist in ancient painting in London. Restored recently, Judith and Holofernes has been unveiled by the expert parisian Eric Hyacinths to the press anglo-saxon. It is now sitting the attribution to Caravaggio, of which only démord not the expert, that will affect a non-negligible percentage on this case, and to give him a visibility on the international market. The web has started its journey in the media. It is visible until march 9, in London, before New York city (10 to 17 may) and the hotel sales Saint-Aubin in France, to face the verdict of the auction, the 27th of June.

One could expect that the canvas is offered a prestigious house such as Sotheby’s, where …

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