This is a new innovation that will please all fans of Star Wars who have not accepted the death of Carrie Fischer, in December 2016. The unforgettable interpreter of princess Leia Organa will have a real role in Star Wars episode IX , to be released in theatres in the winter of 2019. His brother Todd has confirmed this news at the end of December on the tv show ABC’s Good Morning America .

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J. J. Abrams, the director, will be included in this next movie cut scenes during the montage of the last two episodes of the saga, intergalactic – The Awakening of the Force and the Last of The Jedi – has explained Todd Fischer. It will not be a matter of a few seconds of the appearance of the actress, but several minutes of “new content “unused” which will be “integrated into the plot”.

The brother of the actress promises a result that is faithful to its image

If the brother of the star disappeared and the film crew are ‘not allowed to talk about the details of anything”, they say they are “thrilled with everything that has been made” to revive Carrie Fischer. According to Todd Fischer, the result will be to the extent of the personality of the actress who died. “This will be a real shock for everyone. And it will be completely natural, as if she had shot these pictures yesterday,” he says.

the rest of the family of the actress has approved this initiative, which seems to bode well for the quality of the film. Appointment on the 18th of December, in the dark rooms to check if this posthumous tribute is a success!