CAS: a Dispute between WADA and RUSADA, threatening the Russians with a new suspension from Competitions, will be resolved in November

the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) has decided to hold meetings in connection with doping accusations against Russia, 2-5 Nov. The hearing will be closed, told the court.

the Speedy resolution of the “conflict” between the world and the Russian anti-doping agencies have prevented a pandemic COVID-19: previously it was assumed that the Tribunal will meet in late April. Meanwhile in the Paralympic Committee of Russia (PKR) expected that hearings on the case of WADA and RUSADA will begin on July 6.

As reported, the journalist in December, has lost the status of compliance with the international code for the alleged manipulation of the database of the Moscow laboratory. Russia has challenged the sanctions imposed by the Executive Committee of WADA to CAS.

If the court in Switzerland will make a decision not in favor of the Russian Federation, the country will lose the right to become the mistress of the world Championships and its athletes participate in the Olympics and Paralympics the national flag.

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