The Swedish public prosecutors requested Friday a sentence of imprisonment of six months against the american rapper A$AP Rocky, tried for assault after a brawl at the end of June in Stockholm. He could be released pending the verdict.

“I don’t see how we can discuss something other than the prison,” said the prosecutor Daniel Suneson in its requisitions. Rejecting the argument of self-defence advanced by the council of the rapper, the prosecutor’s office estimated that A$AP Rocky and his coprévenus have assaulted the victim, a young man 19 years of age, then they had for themselves the number and physical strength. “We are looking at three people who have punched and kicked a person who was on the ground,” he estimated. “This violence is indefensible”.

After the argument of the council of the musician from Harlem, Slobodan Jovicic, the court must announce the date of the judgment, probably in deliberation. It will also decide on the release or detention of A$AP Rocky-in-waiting of the decision.

If the judges declare guilty of violence, he faces up to two years in prison accompanied by a fine. However, it should be given a lighter punishment, does not have a criminal record in Sweden. Two members of his entourage appear in its sides. If he were to be convicted, A$AP Rocky has proposed Friday to perform work of general interest: “You know where I live, you have my contact details and those of my lawyer. I have worked for a charity, it would disturb me so not to do anything of the sort on the weekend,” said the defendant before the court.

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only 640,000 signatures for his release

A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, was taken into police custody and then in detention after a fight on the 30th of June in the streets of Stockholm. A petition on the internet calling for the release of the american rapper has been launched and has raised in excess of only 640,000 signatures. On social media, a campaign is conducted to encourage the fans of the artist to boycott brands Swedish as Ikea.

The case has even strained relationships between the United States and Sweden. President Donald Trump, who was accused at the end of July the Sweden of contempt for the plight of Black americans, has sent his special envoy responsible for the Affairs related to the hostages, Robert O’brien.

For this third day of hearing, the fans of A$AP Rocky had once again been given an appointment outside the Stockholm city court, chanting “Free Rocky” and “Free Flacko” –another nickname for the rapper. Inside the hearing room was secured, the witnesses have succeeded before to leave room for the argument. The day before, the defense had questioned the version and the reliability of the facts narrated earlier by the victim, an Afghan 19 year old who is said to have been “hit” by four people. “Two (of them) tried to cut me with glass,” he added in Persian, at the end of the first day of hearing.

Thursday, ASAP Rocky had given his version of the facts. “We have tried to keep us away, when we are away we have been followed”, he told quietly to the bar. He also indicated that the behavior “fearless” of the victim frightened him. A$AP Rocky, 30 years old, however, later admitted to having “thrown away” his victim to the ground before him, “to give a kick to the arm” – in order to aid his body-guard, taken by the complainant and a friend.