Gad Elmaleh, Michael Youn Jamel Debbouze or Tomi Sisley have been, in turn, pinned in the videos of the mysterious YouTube account CopyComic. This Sunday, Sandra Sisley, the wife of the actor Largo Winch Tomer Sisley, suspected him also of plagiarism in February this year, accused on Instagram humorists Kheiron and Baptiste Lecaplain to be behind the vindicator, which is rampant on YouTube. The next day, on Twitter, Kheiron has been cracked by a score of tweets in response to her accusatory. “No, I’m not CopyComic, he wrote. It is clear, specific and unequivocal.” Before entering a plea in favour of CopyComic, inviting them to “pay homage” to the “whistleblower” who manages the YouTube account. “He has made righteousness to us, authors, but especially to you, the public,” says the comedian.

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For his part, Baptiste Lecaplain denied with a sense of humor on the social networks: “No! You’re crazy! It’s not me!”. A reference to the tube of Gilbert Bécaud Orange . Contacted by Le Figaro , the comedian has declined to comment further about Sandra Sisley.

On Instagram, the young woman has claimed to have “identified” the two comics, gracing the publication of his finger. The wife of Tomer Sisley was also referred to, in a hashtag, Bob Swaim, the american director living in Paris, who has turned the Libra in 1982. A film that explores the techniques used by the police of the 1980s and to introduce in the media mafia, and who is interested in the role of “an informant”.

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Kisses @kheiron_ identified. You know… The kiss to @baptistelecaplain also. #bobSwain #LeKarmaVaFaireSonTafCommeDHab

A publication that is shared by Sandra SISLEY (@sandraandcoparis) June 2, 2019 at 7 :25 PDT

Wave of support to Kheiron and Baptiste Lecaplain

The prosecution of Sandra Sisley has rapidly been taken up on social networks. The statements in the press of Kheiron, in April last, which said to support the actions of the videographer anonymous CopyComic, have convinced viewers of the truth of his words. Same for Baptiste Lecaplain. “Those who cheat deserve to be punished,” he confided in this regard. But, contrary to the effect expected by Sandra Sisley, the users of Twitter and Instagram have taken up the cause of two stand-up comedians, and was pleased that they are at the origin of this action – what they have denied.

In the corridors of the theatres, the rumors are that only one personality of the medium is to have been able to unmask the thieves of jokes… The witch hunt does not seem near to stop. Cyril Hanouna, presenter, star of Key not at my post! when Sandra Sisley has served as a columnist, should seize the case, during his show Monday night, on C8.