Eleven pages. Stories with witnesses face to face, Montreal, Casablanca, Los Angeles, Marseille and Paris. Signed Victor The Great, Anthony Mestres with Amber Torch and Raphael Malkin, the survey excavated on Gad Elmaleh titled “Gad and the malaise” and published this Thursday 11 July in the magazine Society will disappoint the fans of the comedian.

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of Course, his talent and his career can be summarized borrowings here and there. It would be terribly unfair. No other French comedian can boast of having as much want to French push the door of the halls. No other comedian has dared to start again from scratch in the United States in succeeding as Gad Elmaleh has done. But that’s it. In addition to the little side glorious of plagiarism, he made a major error of communication.

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instead of getting tangled up in denial, hoping that no newspaper would not take the time to investigate in several countries as has been done in Society , he would have had to make amends immediately. To realize this, he would have had to stay “close to the ground”. Of course at his level of fame, he can no longer take the metro. But to live in the utmost comfort between Paris, Monaco, New York and Los Angeles doesn’t help. The private jets at the paris air show, either.

The true father of the Blond, it was him

His problems have really started in early 2019. Held by a anonymous who is called Ben, the YouTube channel CopyComics publishes a compilation of the skits from Gad Elmaleh. “It has the effect of a bomb (…) because Elmaleh is a patron of the humour French”, we read in Society . For the first time, in this small community, the words are untied. Like Kamel Bennafla, humoriste marseillais today 62 years old. In the magazine, it unfolds its story.

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The Blond, this iconic character of Gad Elmaleh, the one who makes everything better for everyone, it is he who created it in the late 90’s. At the time on the Old Port, it is a star, and Gad Elmaleh, a young stand-up comedian. During a radio show hosted by Tex, Gad Elmaleh request to Bennafla a copy of the tape to move forward. Years later, Bennafla plays his sketch to Toulon, and the public is told that this sketch belongs to Gad Elmaleh. “I immediately understood but I kept my calm,” he remembers.

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In Los Angeles, the testimony of Kelly Carlin is just as dizzying. His father, George Carlin, who died in 2008, is one of the great humorists americans. It is by receiving an email with the video of CopyComics she fell backwards. Of Gad Elmaleh, it does never the name. She said “this gentleman”. And chain: “a personality of the calibre of this man, famous and well-known, is allowed to steal, word for word, an end to the work of my father, without the slightest scruple, the slightest regret, is mind-boggling.”

The Figaro has asked Gad Elmaleh to respond to the article from Society. For the moment, no answer. One thing is for sure: if he has the strength and the courage, everything that comes to pass, would provide excellent material for his return on stage.