Django Unchained, the saga of Scary Movie, The Artist, Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill, Lord of The rings , Harvey Weinstein has produced many blockbusters oscarisés with its companies Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company. For decades, the nabob, the movie has ruled the Cannes film festival, the Oscars in Hollywood or the Venice film Festival. Everything was derailed a year ago after the publication of an investigation by the New York Times . Accused by numerous women of sexual assault or harassment, Harvey Weinstein makes today in the face of american justice. The fall was tough for the producer. His career, his personal life and his public image is collapsed. Return on a case is already historic.

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● October 5, 2017: the beginning of the descent to the underworld

On October 5, 2017, the New York Times publishes an investigation revealing that Harvey Weinstein would have bought the silence of eight women accusing him of sexual assault , or harassment. The sums would range between 80,000 and 150,000 dollars. This is the beginning of the descent to the underworld to the producer. He apologized quickly for his “behavior”. On 7 October, his lawyer, Lisa Bloom, known for having defended women harassed, waives the defense. The board of directors of his company announced his dismissal the next day. On 10 October, the New Yorker shows a survey of the background which became “the case of Weinstein”. Now, three women accuse him publicly of rape. A day later, the wife of the filmmaker, Georgina Chapman, left it by way of a press release. Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, Lea Seydoux, Angelina Jolie or Asia Argento, the evidence accumulates over time against Harvey Weinstein. On 14 October, it is excluded from the Academy of the Oscars.

● October 15, 2017: birth of the movement #Metoo

The actress Alyssa Milano published on 15 October 2017 a message on Twitter inviting women who have been victims of harassment, or sexual assault, used the hashtag #MeToo (me too) on social networks. In 24 hours, the key word has been used more than twelve million times on Facebook. This movement of female emancipation has in reality been launched in 2007 by Tarana Burke. It inaugurates its organization as a non-profit, called Just Be Inc., to come to the aid of victims of rape or other sexual assault.

● 21 October 2017: Weinstein comes out of his “detox” sexual

The producer forfeit is entered in the “detox” sex on October 14, 2017 in the centre of The Meadows, in Arizona. This luxury property deals with high net worth clients, such as Kevin Spacey, with a tailored program to put an end to addiction. To stay there a month, the recommended treatment being 45 days, it costs 31.000€. Harvey Weinstein there will eventually pass a week. On October 31, 2017, he is dismissed from the trade union of the producers of Hollywood.

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● November 2, 2017: a 94th declared victim

The actress Paz de la Huerta says on November 2, 2017 have been sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein on two occasions seven years ago . His testimony is in addition to 93 other, including 14 say they have been raped . The accused continues to deny the facts. Then it is ground and keeps quiet, the stars continue to bring the voice of victims of sexual harassment or assault on the front of the stage. 300 actresses in hollywood have donned black during the Golden Globes ceremony on January 7, 2018 in support of the movement Times’ Up.

many actresses have worn the black to the Golden Globes on January 7, 2018 in support of the project, Time’s Up. FRAZER HARRISONVALERIE MACONFREDERICK M. BROWN/AFP

● November 27, 2017: a “sex trafficking” in Cannes

Kadian Noble filed a complaint on November 27, 2017. ANGELA WEISS/AFP

The british actress Kadian Noble filed a complaint on November 27, 2017 against Harvey Weinstein, his brother Bob and other members of their company, for “sex trafficking” in Cannes . According to the official document, the producer would have “recruited and attracted Kadian Noble with the promise of a role, knowing that he would use force, fraud or coercion to bring it to a sexual relationship in his hotel room”. Weinstein is, at this very moment, accused of rape by more than fifteen women in London, New York, Los Angeles and Cannes. Asia Argento has claimed that he sexually assaulted her on the côte d’azur in 1997.

● December 15, 2017: Harvey Weinstein the diffamateur

The director of the saga Hobbit , Peter Jackson, revealed in the December 15, 2017 at the Fairfax New Zealand that Harvey Weinstein would put pressure on him so that he does not recruit the actress Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino in the cast of the Lord of the Rings . “I remember that Miramax has told us that it was a nightmare to work with them and we had to avoid at all costs. It was in 1998”, he told. The list of victims of Weinstein continues to grow. actress mexican Salma Hayek published an editorial in the New York Times explains why the producer is also his “monster”.

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● February 8, 2018: a “collateral victims” of the case Weinstein

Jill Messick, the former manager of Rose McGowan, one of the dénonciatrices acts of Harvey Weinstein, committed suicide on February 8, 2018 Los Angeles. His family is considered a “collateral victims” of the case Weinstein, who was “bi-polar” and “depressed”. On 30 January, Ben Brafman, the lawyer for the producer, makes public an e-mail of the decedent which contradicts the accusations of Rose McGowan. In it, she explains that her client has made “voluntarily” in a jacuzzi with the filmmaker.

● February 11, 2018: the studio Weinstein in the face of justice

The prosecutor of the State of New York has filed on February 11, the Weinstein Company and its founders, the brothers Harvey and Bob, for not pas have protected their employees from sexual harassment. Their company then holds the rights of 277 movies. The objective of the prosecutor was to deter the investors to acquire the studio, on sale for $ 500 million after bankruptcy after the beginning of the case. The company was eventually acquired in July by the investment funds Lantern Capital for us $ 289 million, and has been renamed the Lantern Entertainment.

● April 30, 2018: a complaint for “defamation”

actress Ashley Judd the complaint by 30 April 2018 against Harvey Weinstein for “defamation”. The latter would have “ruined her career” by encouraging in particular Peter Jackson not to recruit for the Lord of The rings , because she would have refused to give in to his advances.

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● may 25, 2018: the Weinstein indicted for rape and sexual assault

Harvey Weinstein is delivered may 25 at the New York police department. He appeared in front of the police station on the complexion pallid with several books under his arm, including a biography of director Elia Kazan. He was confiscated his passport before taking his fingerprints. He was indicted for a rape of 2013 and a sexual assault in 2004. He was released on bail of one million dollars and has an electronic bracelet. His lawyer says he will plead not guilty at his trial.

The attorney for Manhattan, announced on 2 July that Harvey Weinstein was the subject of a third charge. It relates to a sexual assault which would be held in 2006.

● August 3, 2018: an action for annulment of the procedure

The lawyers of Harvey Weinstein requested on August 3, an action for annulment of the procedure based on exchanges that it has maintained with one of his alleged victims. The 150-page document defends the thesis a romantic relationship that would be extended after the fact . The victim is listed on the indictment for a rape. The lawyer Benjamin Brafman, who defended, in particular, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, in charge of the defence of the filmmaker fallen. He also tries to discredit the other two charges because they can be traced back to fourteen and twelve years of age.

Benjamin Brafman before the court in New York on 5 June. Kevin Hagen/AFP

The representative of Harvey Weinstein uses the case of Asia Argento for their benefit. This last, one of the first to have denounced the actions of the producer, is in turn accused of sexual assault by the actor Jimmy Bennett. Benjamin Brafman, has denounced the August 20, his “hypocrisy”. On 20 August, Emma Loman, a young actress of German, has filed a new complaint for rape against the producer. The facts date back in 2006 at the Cannes film festival.

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● September 19, 2018: a troublesome witness

The lawyer Ashley Judd, who filed a complaint against Harvey Weinstein for defamation, told the court in Los Angeles on September 19, that Peter Jackson will offer a testimony decisive against the defendant at trial. This last would have been city to witness against his former collaborator . The producer would have urged him not to recruit some of the actresses because it was “a nightmare to work with them.” The lawyer of Weinstein, Phyllis Kupferstein, request the classification without continuation of the complaint for lack of evidence.

another alleged victim of Weinstein, Melissa Thompson, has managed to support his testimony through a video. . On 13 September, she posted pictures of an interview she did with the accused in 2011. Insisting, or even oppressive, the video confirms the statements of the actress. She claims to have been raped following the appointment.

● October 11, 2018: a small victory

so far covered by the six counts of the indictment, the former producer is no longer pursued only for five of them. One of sexual assault against Lucia Evans has been cancelled on 11 October by a judge in new york city. The mother, a former actress, accused Harvey Weinstein of having forced him to perform fellatio in 2004, but his testimony was put in question by ancient testimony . A week later, the justice is obliged to recognize that a procedural error tainted another witness. The lawyer of the former mogul of Hollywood, Benjamin Brafman claims victory.

● December 21, 2018: the standoff with the judges.

Benjamin Brafman is confident: he may be able to prevent that the case does not lead his client until the trial. To do this, the attorney multiplies the proceedings as a delaying tactic, as this appeal to obtain a criminal prosecution initiated with the court in New York. Just lost, the judges déboutent Harvey Weinstein, who must respond to allegations of sexual assault. The date of the appearance was several times postponed in march, then in June or July. During this time, negotiations are ongoing to put an end to a civil lawsuit. An agreement is proposed with the representatives of the victims on a total amount of $ 44 million . But nothing has yet come to this day to confirm that he had been accepted.

● September 9, 2019: opening of the trial.

The date of the appearance of Harvey Weinstein in front of the judges is now scheduled for 9 September. A stay healthy for Harvey Weinstein, who, since the beginning of the year has changed multiple times from lawyers. After thanking Benjamin Brafman, he enlisted the advice of two foxes of the bars: Ronald Sullivan and Jose Baez. Crash, the one and the other throw in the towel in the spring. “Mr. Weinstein has conducted itself in such a way to make his representation unreasonably difficult,” laments the first. The former producer will then Damon Cheronis and Donna Rotunno, is a former attorney specializing in the defense of men accused of sexual assault.