Joan Corp is 89 years old and lives in an English nursing home. And as good as the care may be, so many arts and crafts evenings, and singing circles, there is also – and this can...
Fullscreen The Facebook fundraiser for Ian is terminated, by you and his pumpkin sale is now enough money for his diabetic Warnhund was enrolled in school come ©Screenshot Facebook Fundraisers Katrina Christensen As of the six-year-old...
If you want to engage in some gambling in India, it can definitely be a true rarity. This is because the gaming laws in our country are very strict. Most places simply do not allow any gambling at all...
In a family to sit together, you talk, you are talking. But just as there are popular and sometimes unavoidable issues, there are in most families, topics that are hushed up and never spoken to. On Reddit,...
If you thought the tech world is full of hardcore geeks and nerds only, then think again. The field is so enticing, even Hollywood stars, TV personalities, musicians, professional athletes are trying out their fortunes. For instance, Lady Gaga has...
Since my son was about 14 years old, my husband, and he small conflicts. I verniedliche the this time, of course something. I think so secretly, that it is a question of who the Alpha is. Just...
Cum-Ex - "That should never happen again", Olaf Scholz, has called the Cum-Ex-affair as a tax policy scandal. The Federal government had acted too late, said the German Finance Minister, on a TIME-Matinee. © Photo: Phil Dera for THE...
Lewis Hamilton for the fifth Time formula 1 world champion. The British Mercedes Pilot is no longer race after finishing fourth in the Grand Prix of Mexico from his biggest rival Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari in...
Gradually the high-rise in Frankfurt with the name "Omniturm" its final shape. The glass façade is mounted in the lower floors. The shell has reached its final height of 190 metres and has become a new defining...
Lufthansa wants to reduce crew strength in smaller Langstreckenjets an employee. The so-called cabin leaders should be involved more in direct Service with, the company said. Earlier, mirror had reported about it. The concept...


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"Sea-dumped without fish": scientists describe the world in 20 years

“Sea-dumped without fish”: scientists describe the world in 20 years

The result of fishing and pollution of the seas will be almost complete disappearance of many species of fish. Most of them will disappear until 2048 completely, and the waters will turn to landfills, say scientists-oceanographers and economists in North America, says Science.