Cathedral in Nantes was extinguished, but the relics were saved

damage from the fire in the Gothic Cathedral of the French city of Nantes exceeded the damage from last year’s state of emergency in Notre Dame.

the Fire had destroyed a large organ and stained glass Windows of the Eastern facade, survived the revolution and several wars.

Firefighters brought the fire in three hours a day and has nearly completed its suppression, but the building continued to smolder in the wreckage.

Arrived at the scene, French Prime Minister Jean Castex thanked the firefighters for their professionalism and efficient work.

the Prime Minister also promised to do everything to the reconstruction of the Cathedral took place as fast as possible.

French culture Minister roselyn Bachelot said on Twitter that mobilized all Department services and she goes to Nantes, in order to evaluate the extent of the damage.

Earlier in Prosecutor’s office of Nantes did not rule out that the structure of XV flared the result of a deliberate arson. Open a judicial investigation.

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— Jnoel Valentin (@JnoelValentin) July 18, 2020

Recall, the main Cathedral France Notre Dame also nearly burned down in April 2019. Nantes Cathedral below his brother on six meters and much younger — its construction began in the XV century and lasted 457 years.

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