It does not “really” as an icon of cinema. And this is the dress of a lawyer that she decided to put on in Venice. Catherine Deneuve said, “love surprise”, far from the image of “sophisticated” that it can give, and does not hesitate to take controversial positions, especially in order to defend Roman Polanski and Woody Allen.

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“movie Icon? I’m not really into it, I find, frankly. I often said, a lot of it is through the press coverage, the newspapers, the pictures, it is rather this,” said the star of the French cinema, whose career began more than 60 years, in an interview granted to the AFP. “It is also the fact that I had very much linked to fashion designer Yves) Saint Laurent, so this gave me a more sophisticated look. But frankly no, as an actress, I’m not like that. This is an image”, she adds.

To the poster of family Celebration of Cédric Kahn, family drama mixed with comedy in theaters Wednesday, she plays Andrea, a mother who receives her three children for her birthday in the family home: his eldest daughter, unstable and unpredictable Claire (Emmanuelle Bercot) and his son Vincent (Cédric Kahn) life row, as well as the Roman (Vincent Macaigne), projects chaotic.

It is in the skin of an actress who is “very excessive” in The Truth of the Japanese Hirokazu Kore-Eda, Catherine Deneuve has also opened Wednesday for the 76th edition of the Mostra of Venice. A festival shaken by a controversy over the presence in competition of the latest film of Roman Polanski, j’accuse , on the Dreyfus Case, in which the official screening will take place on Friday 30 August.

“I think it’s an unheard-of violence”

As it has already done in the past, the star does not hesitate to indignant criticism of the feminists against the presence in the selection of the film-maker franco-Polish, accused of rape in 1977 a 13 year old girl. “I think it’s an unheard-of violence, and I think it’s totally excessive”, react. “Time has passed”, she advocates again about the filmmaker’s 86-year-old, with which she had shot in 1965 in Repulsion , believing also that “most people don’t know the reality of the way things happened”.

“in The United States, they were quick to say finished, banished, he must leave the country, it is necessary to leave the city, it is necessary to leave the cinema”

Catherine Deneuve about the charges against Polanski and Allen

as she prepares to preside in a week the american film Festival of Deauville, Catherine Deneuve also takes the defence of Woody Allen, whose latest film, A rainy day in New York city , never released in theaters because of old accusations of sexual assault, will be the opening of the event, prompting further criticism of feminists. “It is the same, this is incredible,” says the actress, who says she would “of course” to turn with the filmmaker, if he had a project that suits them. In the United States, “they were quick to say finished, banished, he must leave the country, it is necessary to leave the city, it is necessary to leave the cinema,” says the actress, who had also taken a position against the current on the movement #Metoo early 2018, signing with a hundred women in a forum defending a “freedom to harass”. She was then excused from the “victims of heinous acts”. For her, “it must be the difference between the filmmaker and the person”. Before concluding: “The feminists have blinders on.”