“Catherine Deneuve is today, by the world, the cinema incarnate”

Festival of Deauville

“What we like in it, above all, it is his fierce independence, his risk”. It is by these words that the organizers of the american film festival of Deauville have expressed their choice to have Catherine Deneuve as the president of the 45th edition. “Price interpretation of the three biggest film festivals international (Cannes, Venice, Berlin), Catherine Deneuve is today, by the world, the cinema incarnate”, they added.

To the poster of Farewell to the night

the One who has toured with the greatest, including Jacques Demy, Roman Polanski or François Truffaut, is always displayed. In Farewell to the night , by André Téchiné, the unforgettable Séverine de Beautiful Day oue the role of a grandmother whose grandson decided to leave Syria. Invited at the last Cannes Festival, she was also awarded this year the palme d’or at the south Korean director Bong Joon-Ho for his film Parasite.

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In 2018, the festival’s jury then chaired by the French actress Sandrine Kiberlain, was awarded Thunder Road , a first film, pamphlet tragicomique against the “virility of John Wayne,” directed and played by Jim Cummings. Edition 2019 will be held from 6 to 15 September.