The difference between CBD and THC is a question that many people are not able to answer, especially beginners. It may also be a concern for people who want to experience the full impact of taking both elements individually.

From today, you no longer need to worry about differentiating between the two because we will tackle everything you require to know about them in this article.

Where do these two compounds come from?

Both are cannabis extracts. It is appropriate to you know that marijuana contains hundreds of compounds, but THC and CBD emerge to be the most common constituents.

It is also crucial to note that both exist on the hemp plant inactively as acids. Therefore, you will notice scientists add and an “A” to signify that they are in their inactive form. Hence, THC-A and CBD-A abbreviations.

When you smoke, burn or do “whatever” to cannabis, the two begin to breakdown and the acidity begins to diminish. At this state, both compounds start to exhibit their potential, but not at full capacity. That is the reason hemp plant may not provide the necessary effect if you ingest it raw.

What happens when cannabis gets into your body?

Both CBD and THC have similar chemical structures. However, the effects differ because THC lacks Carbon (IV) oxide.

Every human being has an endocannabinoid system. The body relies on it for functions such as sleep, anxiety, cognitive functions, and appetite.

When consuming marijuana, the chances are that both compounds, THC, and CBD, interact with this system through the cannabinoids receptors, mostly CB1 and CB2. Funny enough, the THC tends to react with both receptors to provide the ‘high’ sensation.

On the other hand, CBD, when it meets with the receptors, it dampens the effect of THC. It will lessen the ‘high’ impact brought about by the THC.

Should you take pure THC alone?

Statistics show that THC alone can have positive effects on the user’s body. Other than giving you that high feeling, the compound assists in:

  • Reducing pain
  • Inducing sleep
  • Reducing nausea
  • Increasing appetite

Though it carries medicinal benefits, it can be the best solution for you if your main agenda is to use it recreationally. By this time, the THC should be in its full potential, which means that you will experience its maximum effect. Additionally, you can consume it in various ways.

For instance, you can smoke it as an extract, or you can vape it. Vaping allows you to add flavors, a terpene thickener, or a diluent into your solution to eliminate the odor you experience when smoking it.

When purchasing THC, make sure that you buy it from a reliable individual because, sometimes, they may provide an extract with less THC in it, which would have less impact on you. Remember, the ‘high’ does not last long, when it is in its low quality forms.

Can CBD and THC work together?

The answer would be yes.

Mostly, CBD is used for therapeutic uses. Medical practitioners provide it to patients for numbing pain, reducing their anxiety levels, dealing with depression, inflammations, and seizures.

The benefits mentioned above are the main reasons that lead to the legalization of CBD hemp oil. As you know by now, it does not have psychoactive effects like THC; thus, it may not be suitable for recreational stoning.

Because of this, experts recommend that users should add a few drops of THC into the CBD oils to enhance its effect. Additionally, you can add CBD to THC edibles to reduce the high sensation. It, therefore, means that both of them would create a balance if you mix them.

Since it is possible to find THC extracts with some CBD, and vice versa, it is best that you check the ingredients before you decide on buying from a particular brand. Also, note that THC and CBD presence differ in each hemp plant because of differences in nurturing of the plant.

Can you separate the two (CBD and THC) at home?

You can separate the two at home. However, you must have some chemical knowledge on how to do so since the process can be complicated. If you miss a step, then the results can bring out a low quality extract.

Note also, if your main intention is to get THC, ensure that you purchase the plant that has more of THC than CBD. By doing that, you will be getting a concentrate that will give you all the effects felt when vaping.


When choosing between THC and CBD, always prioritize your needs. Both carry different effects. You may also require a mix of the two at times. For instance, a THC and CBD mixture brings a calming effect better than when you utilize both compounds individually.

It is also vital to note that different states (governments) have varying opinions about the use of these two. Most, of course, legalize CBD and limit the use of THC. In that case, THC prices tend to hike in areas where it is illegal.