CEC removed from Twitter, the results of a survey on multi-day poll, in which 94% of respondents were negatively

The CEC arranged in a Twitter poll, which asked participants to answer the question: “do you feel comfortable practice of balloting for several days.” However, according to “Rain”, after the majority voted against it, the poll disappeared.

the CEC made his Twitter survey about the convenience of multi-day voting. And then deleted it after 94% of users voted against it. On the CEC website in “Vkontakte” the survey is still there (there is also a majority against): https://t.co/SkKNy6uJS3 pic.twitter.com/ymiZdaiJXd

— Rain (@tvrain) July 22, 2020

it also drew the attention of the users of the network. They began to ask CEC why the poll was deleted. The CEC has not commented on this decision.

On the page in “Vkontakte” the results of a similar survey look like (at the time of writing, information was available):

Recall that on July 21 the state Duma adopted amendments to electoral legislation to allow voting in elections and referendums within three days. This initiative was criticized in the movement to protect the rights of voters “the Voice”.They felt that amendments to electoral laws allow to hold elections of different levels within three days, will further distance the Russian elections on their constitutional mission to be the highest expression of the will of the people.

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