CEC: Two-thirds of voters supported an amendment to the Constitution

the CEC announced that the amendments to the Constitution of Russia supported 69,76% of voters, opposed by 29,23%. This data is provided after processing of 5.39% of the ballots.

the Average turnout in Russia to 17:00 made of 62.89%.

In Tuva for 95.3% of residents voted for the amendment, against to 3.36%.

In the Krasnoyarsk region supporters of the amendment 72,22%, opponents — 27,19%.

In the Altai region voted “for” 78,93% of the population, “against” — 21,07%.

In the Kemerovo region “for” 95,91% of voters, “against” — 3,8%.

In the Novosibirsk region supported the amendments of 71.34% of residents, against — 28,04%.

In the Tomsk region 71,72% of residents “for”, “against” — 28,05%.

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