Sued by his former agent, Céline Dion, do not let it go. On the bench of the accused, the diva replica. In a message shared on the social networks, the singer has denied the allegations made against him by ICM Partners, his own artistic agency, on Wednesday. “The management team of Céline Dion, CDA Production, refutes the story told in the Billboard February 13, 2019, concerning a supposed internal memo to ICM Partners”, one can read on the page Facebook of the Canadian.

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In this press release, published Friday, Celine Dion claims to be “sad and disappointed” with the behaviour of his former agent Rob Prinz who accuses him of not having paid his commissions. “I know that my team has made several generous offers and fair, and has put a lot of effort to try to find a compromise,” he said. In addition, the diva denies having been dropped by his agency, as stated in the note of ICM Partners. It would be she who would have put an end to the contract of Rob Prinz on may 7, 2018.

on Wednesday, the media u.s. Billboard published an internal memo obtained from ICM Partners, according to which Céline Dion refused to pay $ 500 million dollars of unpaid commissions on a contract to 2017. “With all the admiration and respect that we owe to his extraordinary talent as an artist, we have no other choice than to make the unfortunate legal prosecution, in order to claim the financial compensation that is due. Therefore, we do not represent any more”, – reported the representatives of the agency.