Would it be inhabited by Satan? “Celinununu” is it a cry of possession? The clothing line, launched by Celine Dion in collaboration with the brand israel Nununu, has earned the quebec singer an accusation of “satanism” by father John Esseff. The exorcist believed to be a musician to belong to an “organized mind” aimed at deceiving the children. The very conservative american newspaper National Catholic Register is the echo on 21 November of this denunciation of godlessness.

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The line of clothing for children and babies appears to be “non-gendered”. Leggings, jackets, vests may also be worn by boys than girls. They have signs geometrical, letters, or a Greek cross (the logo of the brand), as grounds. On the social networks Céline Dion launches slogans: “The new brand that no label ever. Let the children choose who they are”.

“I am convinced that the way in which this matter of gender is broadcast is satanic,” growls John Esseff. “There are only two that God has made”, he says. Patti Armstrong, a journalist of the National Catholic Register , also expressed his suspicion: “The line from Nununu in itself is very disturbing and includes strangely a lot of elements identical to that supposed to be the fruit of the collaboration with Celine Dion. One has the impression that they have recovered some past ideas and just stuck his name on it”. The suspicion of possession arises.

For the launch of the business, the superstar has released a promotional video of a minute and a half in which it penetrates with force in a nursery. A magic powder allows him to erase the pink clothes and blue of new-born babies and replace them with clothing unisex black and white. One of the sweaters is labeled “NEW ORDER”.

It is too much. The journalist is worried: “the postures of The children in the catalog are weird. One of the models is masked with a face of a skeleton”. She also found “large eyes Illuminati”. “All of this is done for the money, and there is the division that follows: these are the marks of the devil”, analysis of his side the religious.

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Celine Dion is she possessed by the devil? It is not for us to answer. One thing is for sure, the interpreter of’ not changing is about to make his grand return after health problems had forced her to leave the scene.