The descendants of George Labroche deplored regularly that the old soldier is a “forgotten History”. They should be satisfied: Labroche, who was one of the claironneurs of the victory on the November 9, 1918, will be given the honor.

on Wednesday 14 November, in the hall of the Four Columns of the Assembly, to the president of the Assembly and of the Bundestag, a guard republican will blow again the clarion of Georges. Excitement is guaranteed, as there remain only two buglers related to this key moment. The first one, George, has been piously kept by the family, for a hundred years. According to a notice from the national Office of veterans affairs, this is not a model designed for the military, but a manufacturing company Thibouville-Lamy, Paris. It is however authentic, as is proved by the attestation of the captain Lay.

“Krieg fertig”

The unit of George is situated at Fourmies, in the North, on 9 November 1918. A German convoy is going well, then …

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