Can we imagine to have more “luck”? On April 1, 2018, a man was rescued from his burning vehicle by the young rapper from Chicago, Chance The Rapper. The singer preferred to conceal her act for months, by humility, before the reveal at the great day than the 31 December, as he published the highlights of her year on her account Instagram with 9 million subscribers

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“I’ve never told in public. I saved a life on Easter Sunday last on the way to the church,” said the rapper, photography support. We see a sedan with half charred, the hood still smoking. On Twitter, this time, the Chicagoan has stated that a “kid sent him a private message”, in which he explained that the victim was his uncle ; he would now be in good health.

the incident occurred on Easter Sunday, the day of commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus among the christians, does not appear to have left the young singer of marble. Since the beginning of the month of December, Chance the Rapper is said to have started a “gap year” to study the Bible. He explained the December 9, on Instagram be “completely guilty for not devoting more time”. A journey abroad that he shares with his family (and copiously on the social networks).

It will return when it has read five or more books on the Bible”. On 12 December, it was the Epistle to the Galatians , in which St. Paul distinguishes between the Law of the Old Testament and the new faith, brought by Christ. The rapper has urged his followers to follow his advice of reading.

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Otw to the second half of sabbatical. I read Novels, James and Galatians and I’m currently on day 4 of ZERO CIGARETTES. I feel really good right now, thank u Father. #leaveitatthealter

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Chance the Rapper, the 25-year-old, who is also said to have stopped smoking, and now divides his time between the rap and the church, and multiplies the number of supporters associations or education. According to CNN, the prodigal son of american rap has given by march 2017, a million dollars to the Chicago public schools after meeting with Bruce Rauner, governor of Illinois. There, the singer, chancellor in order to Bennett, his real name, has earned the nickname Lucky the Philantropist.