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Chantal Deysse : “Despite the yellow vests, one maintains the tribute to Johnny, except on the Fields”

Chantal Deysse is a fan of Johnny Hallyday, a real one. On the death of his idol, the December 5, 2017, the world of this Bordeaux has collapsed. She has found the strength to survive by organizing events in memory of the singer. For Le Figaro , she has detailed the program of the weekend of the commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of the rocker.

LE FIGARO – What is your state of mind, exactly one year after the death of Johnny Hallyday?

Chantal DEYSSE. – I’m sad, obviously, as the other fans. Since Johnny is gone, everything has changed. It is become more hard, more aggressive, it has no markings. It was part of our lives, it helped us to move forward. His music was there to help us. Then, on the first anniversary of his death, we will pay him a beautiful tribute.

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What have you planned to do to honor his memory?

With my friends, we arrived on Wednesday at noon at Marnes-la-Coquette, where Johnny had a home. It was collected from fans, we spoke to him, laid flowers on the sidewalk and left a small word. It was a moment rich in emotion, with many tears. Then, we went to collect for an hour at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis. We lit candles for him to make again a tribute, reminiscing of the concerts that Johnny has given in this place. It is he who makes us discover the stages, for the most part we would not have known it without him. Without his concerts, we would never have traveled to otherwise. In the evening, at 22h10, the hour of his death, we planned to light candles for the friend who hosts me and drop them on the ledge of the windows. Then, Friday night and Saturday, we organise a rehearsal with the tenors and the gospel choir that will sing in the celebration of Sunday. We’ve also provided a small set-up but I can’t say more for the moment.

“I’m not afraid of violence. Now that Johnny is no longer here, I don’t care about the risks”

Chantal Deysse

are you afraid of the risks of violence related to the protest of the yellow vests, Saturday?

Personally, no, I’m not afraid, now that Johnny is no longer here, I don’t care of the risks. Saturday evening, the dinner-concert of Chris Evans, the restaurant, the President, in The Xe arrondissement, will be taking place as planned. Even if, of course, we are not totally immune to the cancellation of the conservator. The President lies not very far from the Republic square, the theatre of violence during the last event. On the other hand, we unfortunately had to cancel the parade of bikers on the Champs-Élysées was to be expected. They prefer not to come, because they are afraid that protesters will damage their bikes. Other people who intended to attend the ceremony of the Madeleine from abroad have also stopped coming. It is sure that the violence that we saw on tv during Saturday’s demonstration have scared a lot of people. In any case, if the thugs disrupt tributes to Johnny, we will be very angry.

After these few days that are rich in emotion, what have you planned to do to continue to honor the memory of your idol?

We will work on the organization of the next mass anniversary, June 15, 2019. The masses monthly at the Madeleine will continue and I will try to attend as often as possible. Maybe a little less in 2018, where I missed any, but at least a month on both. I also hope to be able to return to the grave of Johnny, Saint-Barth. I’ve already made in April and I am looking forward to repeat this pilgrimage.

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