The magic will never disappear. The 2 and 3 February on the paris stage of the Palais des Congrès, Marie-Rose will descend from heaven to the edge of the shoe giant to his friend, the giant Balthazar. The older children, now parents, will be pleased to discover their toddlers the enchanted world of Chantal Goya, who turned this dream in 1980, it has been almost 40 years already.

The Shoe that flies , written and composed by Jean-Jacques Debout, the man who gave it to Johnny Hallyday one of his most beautiful songs For me life is going to begin , is a turning point in the artistic history of Chantal Goya. Excited to take again the dress of Marie-Rose, she has sent a word to his admirers on its account Facebook: “ The shoe that flies is my first big show, created by Jean-Jacques my husband in 1980. I hope that this great news will make the joy of small …and big”.

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The eternal return of Chantal Goya, like a thread that never ceases to renew itself for nearly a half-century, has pushed France 3 has dedicated a documentary biography. Entitled Indomitable Chantal Goya. It has been designed by Sandrine Dumarais, a filmmaker who recently worked on the routes of Barbara and Venantino Venantini. In about an hour, this biography looks back on the original career of a artist who will be first played by the actress In Male, female under the direction of the brilliant and unclassifiable filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard.

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At the same time as this foray prestigious in the seventh art Chantal Goya flirts a time with the trendy yé-yé. And then, maybe not quite fascinated by the stardom, she takes a step back to take care of her children. But in 1972, the chance, even when caused by his pygmalion of husband, will again propel her to the front of the stage.

A miracle at Marita and Gilbert Carpentier

She should replace the foot lifted Brigitte Bardot in Number One Jean-Jacques Debout , a programme made by Marita and Gilbert Carpentier, the princes of the French variety of the 1960s and 70s. The hero of the show, Jean-Jacques Debout him pond for the occasion a little gem: Farewell, pretty scarves . She will sing, which is still a nursery rhyme, accompanied by children. A miracle occurs, the disc sold a million copies, and especially Chantal Goya has found its way. Between it and the small, a love is born.

Extracts of ‘Indomitable Chantal Goya by Sandrine Dumarais: the broadcast on Monday 14 January 2019 after the Soir 3 on France 3 Paris Île-de-France

Excerpts of the documentary “Indomitable Chantal Goya” – Look on Figaro Live