Chapter destava Vladimir region resigned amid coronavirus

a Number of personnel changes carried out in the health system in Vladimir region during the outbreak of coronavirus, reports a press-service of administration of region

In particular, Monday was the last working day for the Director of the regional Department of healthcare Alexei Mosaleva. He left his post at own will in connection with transition to other work. Currently, reception of documents from candidates for the vacant position.

in addition, Monday by agreement of the parties dismissed the head physician of Regional clinical hospital Igor Bondarenko. On may 26, the acting chief physician of the regional hospital was appointed Deputy head physician of medical institution for clinical and expert work of Olga Arkhipova. The reasons for dismissal, the press service does not inform.

as of may 25, in the Vladimir region was 2 322 cases COVID-19 (per day 69 new cases), 350 patients recovered (per day – 30), 16 people died.

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