The novel, the television and the cinema have made the glory of these fictional characters. Yet, behind the famous d’artagnan, in the shadow of the terrible Dracula and under the mantle of Sherlock Holmes existed for real men. Even the female warrior Mulan, the avenger Zorro, and the series “Mission impossible” hide incredible fates.

“Sir, you are in breach of Story !”, lance-t-on a day to Dumas, accusing him of manhandling the historical truth. “Certainly, but I make beautiful children.” Among them, the famous musketeers of the king, who accompanied the writer throughout his life. Their adventures the rose up to the top of the glory and made him give birth to a work of brilliant, innumerable, multiple, dazzling, happy”, as well as the praising of Victor Hugo. More than just characters, these gentlemen were his offspring.

So as Dumas wrote the last pages of the trilogy, the son is hunched over his manuscript, with tears in her eyes: “I come to kill Porthos. I …

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