for her, For the Kid, he has composed songs eternal. No, I regret nothing , of course, but also Lovers , My God . Charles Dumont, 90 years, to the flowers, is back on may 24 on the stage of the Pavilion Baltard to present a new theatrical song, entitled simply, Piaf, the beautiful love story!

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For this new tribute dedicated to the bird of Ménilmontant, the creator of The cigarette after making love will be accompanied by one of the other birds, this one came from Kiev, the singer Viktoria Vasalati. She will perform some of the most memorable songs of his idol in a decor of the 1950’s. As for Charles Dumont, who wrote the piece, he will tell in his own way caring, the great deeds of the life of ’Edith Piaf, before singing himself in solo and then in duet with the young Ukrainian artist.

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a Few days before the big premiere, Charles Dumont met with Le Figaro to explain that he saw this new tribute as a bit of a mission dedicated to the memory of the genius of Edith Piaf.

LE FIGARO. – Despite your success, you continue with this new show to you clear behind the tutelary figure of Edith Piaf. Why?

Charles DUMONT. – Because I owe my entire career to Mrs. Piaf. She took me to a point where I was starting out, introverted, unhappy. Of course, I had experienced some success anyway, but then I was in the fog. You know, you should know that when Piaf sang a song it was recreating, it was broken down. In front of this unique phenomenon, it is necessary to take the modesty in the guide. It seems to me that today if I can a little, a lot, passionately… to pay tribute to him by doing the best possible, that is to say, to bring out the intimate side, the side that is great to its sensitivity, singing, speaking, thinking, almost 60 years after his departure, this is the least of things.

Why have you called this show The Beautiful Story of love ?

The last song that was written Edith is called love Story . It is a bit for The love Anthem , words to and in the memory of Marcel Cerdan. It is a cry of love extraordinary and it was in my eyes the Ariadne’s thread of his life. Love is, I believe, is the secret of his greatness.

You are one of the last witnesses of the artistic work with Edith. Is it that it gives you a greater responsibility, is this your mission?

Yes. The important thing is the substance of things. We must ask ourselves this question: what is that Edith Piaf, still today, is a be present, wonderfully alive? Because it was the song that the great philosophers were to the philosophy or the great musicians and music.

This show is a classic recital dedicated to the Kid?

Not exactly. I wanted to talk about his life through his genius as a singer. It is a drama sung, dedicated to her work and to her. My vision is subjective, dominated certainly by my admiration, but I am wary of the raw truth, very fashionable today, sometimes it is a false lie.

Your humility honours you, but you have been admirers of talent to America, as the late singer and composer Willy Deville. Tell us of your meeting.

This is a moving remembrance. The manager Willy had called me to tell me he was insane from one of my drives and also especially the work of my orchestrator the immense Jean-Claude Petit. He came to Paris to record The blue Cat . He returned to Lovers of which Edith had written the words and that, to me, gave me the virus of singing. Willy was a man of great simplicity and a real star. It is a little also a symbol of the song, which from New York to Paris knows no border.

● Piaf, the beautiful love story , a play written by Charles Dumont, with singer Viktoria Vasalati, on Friday 24 may 2019 at the Pavillon Baltard, 12 avenue Victor Hugo, Nogent-sur-Marne.


The magical encounter of Willy DeVille and Charles Dumont

love story , with lyrics by Édith Piaf, music by Charles Dumont, played by the Kid…

Presentation of Piaf, the beautiful love story! with Charles Dumont and Viktoria Vasalati

lovers, sung in duet by Charles Dumont and Edith Piaf