Article published on February 23, 2017

When Belmondo is there, it is never very far away. Next. A little behind, but always there. It’s been years that it lasts. The years that these two live together. The one in front and one behind. Glued, welded such as “siamese twins”. Siamese twins who ate lunch together every day, crossing a few canteens in paris, sometimes surrounded by other honorary members of the clan Belmondo. Who go on holiday together. Go to see boxing matches, football, tennis at Roland Garros… A “world of guys”, happy, without stress. Large spoiled children who remained at the time of La Dolce Vita . Once and for all.

Charles Gérard designs do no frustration to be in the shade. “As in cycling, where there is the star and the water-carriers, I have always followed it, I was immediately fascinated,” says he, with accents of titi parisien who has seen it all, seen it all. He is so set in the wheel of Bebel voluntarily. A choice made in the …

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