on Wednesday 11 September, the best american film in Deauville, france, and everywhere else was a basketball game. United states vs. France, starring Rudy Gobert. A co-production franco-american, so. A thriller a thriller, rich in bounces and twists. In these cases, the film does not carry weight. He however had to pull out of tv screens to walk around on the side of fiction. Far floors, near the planks.

we had Been told that in Deauville, this year, the men would not be at the feast. It was little to say. Not a to catch up with the other. A bunch of swelling. A beautiful range of scoundrels and scrapings. In Watch List (in a competition), the poor Maria raises alone three children in a seedy neighborhood of Manila, in the Philippines, since her husband, a former drug dealer, was found murdered in the street. It is under the current presidency of Rodrigo Duterte, promote expeditious justice to eradicate the drug trafficking. In fact, not …

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