Carmen Chaplin is about to realize Charlie Chaplin, a Man of the World , a documentary about his grandfather. According to the information of the magazine Variety , she will address a facet previously unknown to the famous interpreter of Charlot: its origins roma. It will seek to show how these roots were able to shape the work of the filmmaker and the british actor.

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“the fact that the representation of humanity, the most recognizable has been created by a Rom, and everywhere in the world one identifies with this character is a very interesting concept, that we want to explore”, a fact well know Carmen Chaplin.

the producers say the documentary that he “reinterpreted radically the work of charlie Chaplin, from a perspective rom, and tells the story of the persecution of the people of the journey through the lived experience” of the filmmaker. Excerpts from films and interviews – artists and children Charlot – there will sequences on the lives of the Roma today. With, in lieu of a soundtrack, the compositions of Chaplin’s re-interpreted.

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In his autobiography, published in 1964, Charlie Chaplin made no secret of its origins gypsies. Although he has never had a birth certificate, Chaplin kept it carefully in her bedside table a letter to him announcing that he was born in a caravan of travellers.

“He was very conscious of his origins, gypsy. He said to my father, and to his other children that they had origins gypsy. He was proud of, but it seems to not remember it”, explains Carmen Chaplin. Its roots may help to explain his opposition to Hitler, particularly visible in The Dictator .

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This has certainly shaped this complete artist. “Charles Chaplin was a self-taught musician, and this is something very gypsy. When you say to gypsy that Charlie was a gypsy, they reply that it is a no-brainer. They rely for this on her sense of humor, his way of telling stories, the comedy of tragedy in his films, and their original soundtrack,” says the little daughter of the giant of the seventh art that one does, it seems, not finished to rediscover.