After the short film Judith Hotel , presented at the Cannes film Festival 2018, Charlotte The Good will enter in the great court. It is going to adapt, for his first work, the album of the comic strip sister Bastien Vivès, she announced on her account Instagram, last week.

“It is with immense joy that I am announcing the film adaptation of sister Bastien Vivès. This will be my first feature film as a director”, has trumpeted the canadian actress. Not to mention his collaboration with the great Karim Boukercha” for the screenplay, co-writer of the film The world is yours from Romain Gavras, also presented on the Croisette in the directors ‘ Fortnight.

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It is with immense joy that I announce the film adaptation of A SISTER @bastienvives . This will be my first feature film as a director. The scenario is signed by myself in collaboration with the great @karim__boukercha Thank you to #onzecinq @jalillespert and @cinefrance for their confidence.

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sister tells the whole delicacy and sensuality, the first emotions of the desire of Antoine, a young teenager of 13, on holiday with her parents and little brother. When Helena, 16 years old, arrives with her mother for a few days, it will sow the disorder in the adolescent.

Bastien Vivès is not the first adaptation. His narrative of the beginnings of a dancer, Polina , has caught the attention of the famous choreographer Angelin Preljoçaj, who signed him also, his first realization with Valérie Müller ( The world of Fred ), with this graphic novel on the big screen. Entitled Polina, dance your life, the film brought together, in 2015, Juliette Binoche (the professor) Niels Schneider (the French dancer) and the young Anastasia Shevtsova for the main role.

Revealed in 2009 by the excellent album minimalist The Taste of Chlorine , award-winning in Angoulême, the designer gifted Bastien Vivès, is shown in the top of its 34 years in an intimate account, as well as in the manga in French with the series lastman square (Casterman), carried out with Balak and Sanlaville. Real key to everything, he initiated, at the beginning, the collection of pornographic editions Glénat, PORN’POP, with Little Paul. Accused of child pornography, the comic strip had been removed from the shelves of retailers Cultura, Gibert after a petition that asked purely and simply withdrawn from the market. A title that, to him, does not inspire certainly not the directors…

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