Chechnya is completely closed to residents of other regions of the Russian Federation

In Chechnya because of the coronavirus decided to completely close the entrance to the country for residents of other regions. Chechen residents can enter the home, but you need to have a certificate confirming the absence of coronavirus, was reported in Instagram the head of the regional Department of the traffic police Idris Cherkhigov.

“the opening of the holiday season for tourists and guests could trigger an outbreak of disease, so we hope for your understanding and support,” said Chernigov.

the review also States that the Republic is now possible to enter only to residents of the Chechen Republic with a statement about the absence of coronavirus, reports If no help will have to be tested and for three days waiting for the result.

since the beginning of the pandemic in Chechnya revealed 1 thousand 863 cases of coronavirus, 28 people died.

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