“I called Ralph and I am a villain. I measure 2,70 metres, I weigh in the 271 kilos and I have a pretty bad temper. I’m demolisher, I break things…” In the manner of Shrek of Dreamworks, Ralph embodies Disney’s ” the ugly heroes, gigantic, funny and endearing at the same time. When the producer of Disney’s John Lasseter had asked Rich Moore ( Zootopie ), to create a cartoon about the universe of video games, this is Felix, the nice repairman, who was supposed to be the central character. “Ralph was a dirty type that was to be called Wendell Grubble,” recalls the screenwriter Phil Johnston.

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Ralph and Vanellope Disney

“We wanted something that evokes the early video games in the style of Donkey Kong ,” says Rich Moore. “And the idea that the wicked man living an existential crisis after 30 years of service came to us.” While the film had then been redesigned. In 2012, wreck-it Ralph we had back, with nostalgia for the older amongst us and fun for the kids, in the world of arcade game rooms with video games and pixel thick. The historic Pacman, Street Fighter, Tapper or Sonic mix to original creations ( Fix-it Felix, Sugar Rush ).

In his quest for recognition, Ralph had become friends with the fearless racecar driver Vanellope von Schweetz, the fault which was a bugger, despite it, the game Sugar Rush due to the true villain of the story, the king Turbo. Six years later, the two acolytes are in the center of the suite, signed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnson. In the arcade, the driving of the terminal of Sugar Rush has been broken and the future of the game is threatened. To facilitate its repair, Ralph and Vanellope go explore the web to try to buy the replacement part.

In this enigmatic space, the filmmakers have confronted the two heroes on Internet sites, must-sees such as Google, eBay, Twitter, or even BuzzzTube, the equivalent of YouTube. With the shock of the impact cultural and generational, adults and children will recognize themselves in the evolution of the characters: the old Ralph progresses most often against the current and did not want to dwell in this unknown world, while the young Vanellope, who is bored in Sugar Rush , is fascinated by this immersion, as a child glued to his tablet.

The Disney princesses gathered for the first time Vanellope and the princesses null

By defining a wreck-it Ralph , Ralph 2.0 successful betting offer a suite exciting, terribly funny, scary sometimes, and especially touching. Among the memorable scenes, an encounter worship between Vanellope and all the princesses of Disney as we had never seen before. Pocahontas, Anna and Elsa ( The snow Queen ), Rapunzel, Vaiana, Ariel ( The Little Mermaid ), Tiana ( the Princess and The Frog ) and the older Cinderella, Snow White or Aurora from sleeping beauty to play the game of the shock generation. But also Ralph when he tested all the major trends viral on the video platform BuzzzTube. The fun continues until the end of the credits where the voice of François-Xavier Demaison, who doubles deliciously Ralph, you will remain long in the mind after the screening.

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In December 2012 and January 2013, wreck-it Ralph had attracted 1.6 million spectators in France. More than 187 millions of dollars in revenue in the United States and 471 million around the world had been recorded for an estimated budget of $ 165 million. Since its release in the United States last November, Ralph breaks the Internet has already earned $ 455 million recipe on the planet for an estimated budget of $ 175 million. And it is not finished. Ralph 2.0 is out in France on the 13th of February next.