Mashrou’Leila is the sensation of music coming from the Middle East. As a response to a generation in search of freedom, who identifies with their music, which resounds as an invitation to the momentum, and ease of use. Their success has largely exceeded the borders of Lebanon of origin: they consist of many thousands of fans in Jordan, in Egypt, in the Maghreb but also in Europe. A fervour impressive that we got a glimpse at their concert given at the Olympia in Paris. Their immense success has also convinced Air France to be their partner for their tours.

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Formed in 2008 by students of the american university of Beirut, Mashrou’Leila was first catalogued alternative rock band. And then the troupe has gone far beyond this framework, both by their directory as per their status. With lyrics sung in Arabic, their music offers a nice mix of electro and songs to the melodies-spirited that it is easily remembered. Socially, they have also gone above and beyond their role as musicians to become, as the groups of the 60’s and 70’s, the icons of a youth, the bearers of the aspirations of a generation oppressed by a cultural framework, family policy and too restrictive. And it is worth a war without thank you, conservatives of all stripes: it is forbidden to play in Jordan, the arrest of fans at a concert in Egypt… Sing the difference, the freedom of choice, and may even be the possibility of secularism is not easy. Their strength is also that they are in the image of this extraordinary diversity in lebanon. Hamed Sinno, the lead singer is a sunni muslim, Carl Gerges, the drummer is a christian maronite, Haig Papazian, the violinist is Armenian and Firas Abu Fakher the guitarist is druze. A nice melting-pot!

After Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin, they will be on 5 April in Dubai. New album “The Beirut School” with titles of their first four albums and three new songs.