To visit this exhibition, please take him at least two hours, because it is both abundant, playful and immersive. The Philharmonie de Paris offers a retrospective dedicated to the musicals. But be careful, only those which have been brought to the screen.

Gearbox, do you think? On the contrary: the subject is extremely rich and varied, and in two hours you will be required to make the turn. We return of course to the origins of the musical comedy: The singer of jazz , 1927, the first talkie, and a semi-musical for which Warner had managed the technical prowess to synchronize sound and image. The other monuments of the kind are also in the spotlight: Singing in the rain , West Side Story or the newer The Land .

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But what would all these movies without their stars iconic? Cyd Charisse, John Kelly, John Travolta, Catherine Deneuve, all are recounted in detail through a multitude of audio archive – the audio headsets are provided at the start – the commissioner, N. T. Binh and his set designer Pierre Giner have found and compile an original. The set design is organized around a giant screen of 24 metres, where you can rediscover the most beautiful moments of these classic mounted in a mounting 45 minutes streamed.

the Skin of an Ass and tap

Around this huge room, the audience wanders in a kind of alcoves, each containing a different theme. You can choose a quick overview of the musical in a couple of countries, projects a dozen of short films for children, while in another, it will reveal to you how Fred Aster managed to dance the feet to the ceiling, imitated by Lionel Richie a few years later. And to the singers fans, the singer Alex Beaupain will deliver his method to compose a good song for a musical.

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Finally, if the heart you in said, learn to tap dance by letting you shoot! At the entrance don’t forget to don one of the costumes made available to the public, that of the Skin of an Ass for example, which never fails to amuse the children, like their parents. And before leaving these places, take a selfie in front of one of the posters of that era to keep the memory of this good moment out of time.

Philharmonie de Paris until 27 January.