These workshops, six sessions of four hours, will be led by writers accustomed to “out” the words, to allow the participants to move towards their personal style.

The first objective of the Workshops of writing for the Figaro Littéraire is to exchange with you about your desires, your blockages. We believe that the main difficulty inherent in the writing is of a psychological order. Together, the goal is to be able to “unlock”, to demystify writing. There are techniques to make out the text that one carries in oneself, to give themselves a discipline. The concept of fun and gaming is ubiquitous -all of the exercises or games write have a playful dimension. From the second session, participants will be able to see a progression.

During the first session, we will make a “state” desires to propose games and exercises that would be better.

In general, we will explore different avenues of writing, and we will go to the meeting of each text -for those who want it. All areas will be reviewed: Notebooks and diaries / Stories / Stories / Novels / New / Poems / Biographies / Autobiographies / Anthology.

Discover the “tricks” of the trade

The facilitator of the writing workshop, which will take place in the premises of le Figaro will also be based on books that he may provide advice to participants. The workshop proposes to accompany each one in his own handwriting.

You will learn how to recognize the uniqueness of his own style, his own personal touch. The reworking of the texts, the attacks, the falls, the rhythms, the dialogues through a variety of exercises…

The work on the text and the discipline to keep it in function of its objectives is the essential purpose of this workshop. We will put in place many writing techniques and “tricks of the trade” of the business, because writing is also a technical. With examples of questions that the author asked most often: when is the replay? When to rewrite? On what materials to work with, the real, the imaginary, how do you link the two?

What we would like to achieve at the end of the six sessions: the participant leaves with a confidence and a discipline that allows him / her to go to the end of his project, because he wants to write for himself or herself or be published. We can fix it, after you have worked through the exercises, and as a goal the writing of a new.

below you will Find all the information about our writing workshops:

The writing workshops take place at the Figaro, 14 boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, france.

Price: 1600€ TTC* workshop of 6 sessions.

*due to the limited number of places, the first participants who have paid their deposit will guarantee the booking of the workshop, the following will be placed on a waiting list.

upcoming Workshops:

[NEW] Workshop 1 from January 21 to march 18, 2019, animated by Grégoire Delacourt .

Born in 1960 in Valenciennes, Grégoire Delacourt publishes his first article to The World in 1978, on the day of her 18 years. He then engages in a career of advertising and even creates his own agency. He is one of the famous slogans: You had never eaten camembert (the Lion-Heart), We owe you more than light (EDF), A Lutti of offered, it is a Lutti, a lost (Lutti). In 2011, he published The writer of the family , his first novel, which was awarded the prix Marcel Pagnol. In 2012 released his second novel The list of my desires , which met a considerable market success and is the subject of a stage adaptation, played in 2013 in Paris and was adapted for the cinema in 2014. The first thing you look at is his third novel, published in march 2013, followed soon after by You could only see the happiness , published on the occasion of the start of the literary 2014.

Details of the sessions: Monday, January 21, 4, 13, 20 February and Monday 13 march and 18 march 2019, from 18h to 22h.

[NEW] Workshop 2 of 6 February to 27 march, hosted by Stephen keith j. watson.

Stephen keith j. watson leads the Figaro littéraire since 2006 and he holds a weekly column on contemporary literature. He is the author of three novels, among them The Road to salvation (Prix des deux Magots), and The lover black (prix Jean-Freustié).

Details of the sessions: Wednesday, 6 February, 13 February, 20 February and 13 march, 20 march and 27 march 2019, from 19h to 22h.

[NEW] Workshop 3 march 14 to April 18, 2019, led by Mohammed Aïssaoui .

the Renaudot literary Prize for the essay Award and the historical novel for the Case of The slave Furcy , also adapted for the theatre, he is also the author of The Star yellow, and the crescent , Small praise memories and Madame Bovary to the court , a fictional radio show for France Inter. He conducts writing workshops in libraries and in businesses.

Details of the sessions: Thursday 14, 21 and 28 march and Thursday 4, 11 and 18 April 2019, from 18h to 22h.

Location: le Figaro, 14 boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, france.

Price: 1600€ TTC workshop of 6 sessions.

Pre-registration : the number of places being limited, we invite you to pre-register on our form by clicking here.

it will be processed in the shortest possible time. The number of places is unfortunately limited in quantity, we will get back to you by email in order to confirm the availability or, if applicable, an alternative.

You can contact the Workshops of the Figaro Littéraire, if necessary, to the following address:

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