Since the invention of cinema, filmmakers have been constantly playing with the figures. Hans-Christian Schmid had been his obsession for the number 23 , Zack Snyder was carpet with 300 while Fellini, himself, in search of a decimal with Eight and a half . Finished playing motus with the numbers, the comic book author Italian Igort has found “number is perfect”. For its first steps in the cinema, Igor Tuveri, his real name showcases his graphic novel to success, 5 is the number perfect .

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Toni Servillo embodies Peppino Lo Cicero, the former hitman from the Camorra on the nose dented boards of Casterman. After the assassination of his son, the anti-hero is back in service. Supported by his friend Toto, the butcher, he plunges into the ruthless mafia world of the Naples in the 1970s.

The first images of the film revealed by the distribution company Nour Films promise an action film on steroids, true to the spirit of the comic strip, with a freedom of tone, which leaves room for the fiction. Warn all the same, Peppino has nothing to do with its namesake of the Choir . Surly and armed to the teeth, he came to claim his due. “Blood for blood”. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

*5 is the number perfect , a film by Igort with Toni Servillo and Valeria Golino, in cinemas on 16 October.