The kids have become adults. They forgot about the nasty colors of Penny pinchers. Something is attracting them however to the city of their childhood, Derry. The old oaths will recall to the memory. The danger, too. It is size: a big clown smile on his face terrifying, her eyes and bathed in blood. After a first trailer, new images of It 2 have been unveiled at Comic-Con San Diego, the largest film festival in the american comic book and comic strip. Following the film released in 2017, and adapted from the saga of Stephen King will be on the 18th of September in the cinemas.

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They may be become stronger and more wise men, the elders of the “club duds” are not out of business. The memories of young love soon gave way to a nightmare. A child is stuck in the maze of mirrors in an amusement park. Behind him, the face of Penny pinchers emerge from the shadows. He pulls a tongue immoderately long. We don’t want to know the following.

The terror of all the records

The Argentinean Andy Muschietti, director of the first pane, and Bill Skarsgård, who has the wrong role, the role of the clown, took up the service. And sailed with them to the actors James McAvoy, the hero of record of the films of M. Night Shyamalan, and Jessica Chastain, superstar of Interstellar . The first installment has reported $ 700 million in inflows, becoming the horror movie the most profitable of the history.

Already in 1986, the best-selling had reached a million copies sold – a record in the history of publishing. After more than thirty years, the imagination me to meet Stephen King continues to throb the hearts.